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Global Lab Supply offers a complete range of lab equipment, cleanroom & laboratory furnishings and analytical instrumentation for High-Tech Industries including Medical and Healthcare, Microelectronic, Semiconductor, Food manufacturing, Aerospace/Defense, Animal/Veterinary Sciences, Chemicals, Medical Devices, Universities and R&D Laboratories.
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Shop our range of lab equipment and scientific instruments including fume hoods, dry boxes, glove boxes, centrifuges, microscopes, incubators, analytical balances and scales, refractometers, PH meters, Hotplates, Shakers, Water baths, laboratory Ovens, vacuum test chambers, desiccators, clean benches, etc from the top trusted brands.
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Cleatech Ductless Exhaust Fume Hood-24" Portable-Clear Polycarbonate Ductless Fume Hood, 24" Portable , Clear Polycarbonate
List Price: $2,062.00
Our Price: $1,650.00
6 Feet - Benchtop Vertical Laminar Flow Hoods 6 Feet - Benchtop Laminar Flow Hood Workbench
List Price: $6,400.00
Our Price: $5,120.00
6 Feet - Free-Standing Vertical Laminar Flow Hoods 6 Feet - Free Standing Laminar Flow Hood
List Price: $6,662.00
Our Price: $5,350.00
32" Portable - Non-Dissipative PVC Transparent 32" Portable Clean Bench - Non-Dissipative PVC Transparent
List Price: $3,081.00
Our Price: $2,465.00
Four port Glovebox Acrlic Cleatech Glovebox, Four port, Clear Acrylic
List Price: $2,037.50
Our Price: $1,630.00
Two port Glovebox Acrlic Cleatech Glove Box, Two port, Clear Acrylic
List Price: $1,650.00
Our Price: $1,320.00
Cleatech Compact Glove Box System, Two port, Clear Acrylic Cleatech Compact GloveBox System, Two port, Clear Acrylic
List Price: $1,243.75
Our Price: $995.00