Global Lab Supply
Laboratory & Cleanroom Supplies

Global Lab Supply offers a complete range of lab equipment, furnishings and supplies for High-Tech Industries including Medical and healthcare, Microelectronic, Semiconductor, Food manufacturing, Aerospace/Defense, Animal/Veterinary Sciences, Chemicals, Medical Devices, Universities and R&D Laboratories. We are built on a tradition of innovation, performance, efficiency and durability. Our laboratory products incorporate smart technology that's clean, safe AND affordable. Knowing how important it can be to have a proper laboratory, we strive to ensure highest quality and utmost completeness. Our dedicated staff can assist you directly in choosing the right equipment that fits AND works well with your lab stations and clean rooms.

Global Lab Supply is a division of Cleatech, LLC. You can reach our Client Service at 1-(714)-754-6660 - Monday-Friday from 8:00AM to 5PM, Pacific Time. Or email us at: