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Autoclave sterilizers

Autoclave sterilizers, sometimes referred to as steam sterilizers, are a subset of sterilizers used to sterilize medical equipment, laboratory instruments, and other materials. What separates autoclaves from other sterilizers is it sole usage of steam and the automatic locking feature. An autoclave chamber can sterilize solids, liquids, and instruments of various shapes and sizes by heating them above boiling point. We currently offer Tuttnauer’s tabletop Elara 11 that utilizes a pre and post vacuum system required for medical, dental, and veterinary clinics.
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Pre/Post - Vacuum Class B Sterilizer Pre/Post - Vacuum Class B Sterilizer

With over 80 years of expertise in sterilization and infection control, Tuttnauer has always provided reliable and advanced technology. The Elara 11, Tuttnauer's latest addition to the pre & post vacuum autoclave family, continues this tradition. It is an ideal sterilization solution for any dental, outpatient or private clinic which needs the highest sterilization standards.

List Price: $9,800.00
Our Price: $8,197.00
Savings: $1,603.00