Compact Glove Box With Side glove ports


    Compact Glove Box System: S-2500

    Glove ports are located on the sides to allow a compact size. Compact glove box is an enclosed chamber with large front access door. The tilt-up window provides convenient viewing and accessibility. Available with and without gas ports. Inert gas such as nitrogen, argon can be used to control the oxygen and humidity level. They’re portable and lightweight that can be setup anywhere. Available in cleanroom-safe materials including clear Acrylic, Static dissipative PVC and polycarbonate.

    Standard Features for Compact Glove Boxes

    • Material construction: Choice of Clear Acrylic, polycarbonate, Static and Non static PVC
    • Nominal size 16”x16”x16”
    • Overall dimensions: 18.25”Wx 17.75”Dx 16”H
    • Door opening: 14.5”Wx 12.75”H
    • 8″ Diameter glove port with Stainless Steel clamp

    Standard Options

    • Chemical Resistance Anti-static Gloves, 15-mil thick , 32″ length
    • Gas-in port push-to connect fitting and Gas-out bleeding valve
    • Digital Hygrometer and thermometer (15% to 99% RH, Temperature accuracy: ±1.8 F, Humidity accuracy: ±5%)
    • Flowmeter with adjusting valve 0 to 20 SCFH
    • Automatic Purge control unit with humidity sensor (5% to 100%) Reduces Nitrogen Consumption to 75%+
    • Oxygen Monitor with a single range of 0-100% (-/+1%) . The unit is mounted on the foldable bracket on the side wall of the glove box. Input power is 110-240 VAC.
    • Single cord or Multi-cord Air-Tight Cord Grips (cable feedthrough), for cord diameter .08″ to 1.28″ .Ideal for power cord, data & internet cables, USB, monitor & printer connectors.
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