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Laboratory Equipment

Global Lab Supply carries lab equipment including Hot plates, Stirrers, Water baths, Vacuum Sealers, Refrigerators, Freezers, Sterilizers, Ovens, Shakers, Incubators, Centrifuges, Microscopes and other laboratory supplies. We have a full range of laboratory equipment and consumables needed for a variety of applications, including life sciences research, QA/QC testing, cell culture, clinical, biobanking and diagnostic.

Our Lab Equipment Products, Top Quality and Performance

We carry Top brands and a wide selection of lab equipment, laboratory supplies and analytical instruments for scientific, R&D, educational laboratories across the globe.

  • Autoclaves & Sterilizers

    Autoclaves & Sterilizers

    Our autoclaves are reliable and robust sterilizers designed for the needs of Dental clinics, Medical clinics and Veterinary clinics where autoclaving requires.
  • Microscopes

    Magnifiers & Microscopes

    variety of microscopes Binocular & Trinocular, 4X, 10X, 20X, 40X, 100X zoom, dual magnification or LED with dual magnification. Combining top performance with highly-advanced features and optics.
  • Water Bath

    Lab Water Baths

    high-performance water baths are accurate, easy to use, safe and durable. The water bath design incorporates a drip free cover holster and pocket handles so users can easily transport the water bath.
  • Shakers

    Laboratory Shakers

    Digital and Analog Linear Shakers, Vibration Shakers ideal to mix, blend, or to agitate substances in tube or flask by shaking them.
  • Hotplates / Stirrers

    Hot Plates & Stirrers

    We offer a wide range of heating and stirring hotplates.Our wide range of hotplates, stirrers, LCD digital hotplate stirrers, LED digital & analog hotplate stirrers.
  • Centrifuge


    Clinical Centrifuges, Hematocrit Centrifuges used in a multitude of applications, including pelleting of DNA and RNA samples, pelleting of PCR amplified nucleic acids, separation of antibody, etc
  • Freezers & Refrigerators & Ice Maker

    Freezers & Refrigerators & Ice Maker

  • Muffle Furnace

    Muffle Furnace

    Yamato muffle furnaces are recognized for their durability and tightly sealed doors which is of utmost importance when the furnace reaches their maximum temperatures of over 1000°C.
  • Spray Dryer

    Spray Dryer

    The compact and most affordable laboratory scale spray dryer which easily micronizes liquid samples into powder. It is highly mobile on wheels or usable as a bench top unit.
  • Laboratory Ovens

    Vacuum Ovens

    Our Vacuum Ovens are some of the most rugged vacuum ovens available today.They features over-temperature protection and an easy-to-read vacuum gauge used for fast and gentle drying of heat sensitive materials.

  • Vacuum & Impulse Sealers

    Bag Sealers

    Vacuum Pack your Products with our benchtop vacuum sealers. Economical solution for sealing your flexible plastic tubes or pouches. Available with Color Touch Screen Controls and GAS Purge Seal feature.
  • Incubators & Test Chambers

    Laboratory Incubators

    Our Laboratory Incubators from trusted brands offer temperature ranges and uniformity to meet the needs of most incubator users. Whether gravity or mechanical convection.