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Laboratory Ovens

Laboratory ovens deliver precise temperature control for heating, baking, evaporating, sterilizing, and testing. Global Lab Supply offers a range of convection, mechanical and vacuum laboratory ovens with a wide range of capacity, temperature and affordability.
Laboratory ovens use either natural air convection, forced air convection or vacuum process for heating and drying.

  • Gravity convection ovens also called Natural air convection ovens, have an opening at the top to allow the expanding air to escape. In a gravity or natural air convection oven, there will be a slow air flow from the bottom of the oven to the top due to the convection currents in the oven, providing a low-cost alternative to air forced / mechanical convection ovens when temperature consistency is not vital to the process.
  • Forced air ovens also called mechanical convection oven, or circulating air ovens, have a motorized fan that force the air across heating elements to flow vertically or horizontally into the warming chamber.
  • Vacuum ovens or vacuum drying ovens are used when lack of air or inert atmosphere is desired. Since there is no convection of air, heat is conducted from the side walls to the sample via the metal shelf that sample is placed on. A vacuum oven requires an external vacuum pump to provide low pressure environment which minimize oxidation during drying.

Gravity Convection Ovens

Gravity convection ovens are used to sterilize, dry and heat treat by removing cold air from the bottom as the air warms

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Mechanical /Forced Air Ovens

Mechanical or forced air convection ovens are designed for applications that require a level of temperature uniformity.

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Shel Lab Ovens

Gravity Convection Ovens

Gravity convection ovens are used to sterilize, dry and heat

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Vacuum Ovens

Vacuum ovens are ideal for any heating or drying application of sensitive components and materials. The drying processes

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Yamato Ovens

Standard type of natural convection constant temperature drying ovens, with extensive features and simple operation.

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