Pass Through Desiccators, Two-Side Access,Clear Acrylic, Eight Chamber,48W"x18D"x64
    • Pass Through Desiccators, Two-Side Access,Clear Acrylic,Eight Chamber,48W"x18D"x64

    Pass Through Desiccators, Two-Side Access,Clear Acrylic,Eight Chamber,48W”x18D”x64


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    SKU: 1540-8-D

    The pass-through desiccator cabinets can be installed within a cleanroom or inventory room wall or can be positioned between two aisles in assembly rooms allowing access to stored materials from both sides. The compartments can be fully isolated from each other as each compartment utilizes an inlet and bleeding valve for introduction of nitrogen gas or CDA to complete purging system to reduce the moisture level down to 0%. Or the compartments can be connected to each other through some perforations between chamber dividers so they can be used with one set of inlet and bleeding valve along with a single channel automatic purge control unit. PCU or purge controller can provide automatic low-humidity control capable of measuring and displaying humidity inside the pass-through cabinets in the range: 5-100%RH.

    • Front and rear access doors allow pass-through operations
    • Stainless steel doors extend the service life of the desiccator
    • They can be ordered with optional removable shelf.
    • Optional racks allow shelf placement at one-inch increments
    • Grounded rack, hinge and door latch provide additional ESD safety
    Weight200 lbs
    Dimensions54 × 24 × 73 in

    Pass-Through Chambers

    No. Of Chambers


    Shelf Space (Usable Area) W"xD"


    Overall Dimension (W" x D" x H")



    Clear Acrylic



    Weight130 lbs
    Dimensions54 x 24 x 73 in
    ApplicationPass-Through Chambers
    No. Of Chambers8
    Shelf Space (Usable Area)W” x D”21.5 x 15.5
    Overall Dimension W” x d” x H”24 x 18 x 64
    MaterialClear Acrylic
    Chamber Size24 x 18 x 16
    Access DoorTwo Sides

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