Gravity Convection Oven; Mechanical /Forced Air Ovens,Laboratory & Cleanroom Vacuum Oven


    Shel Lab Ovens

    Gravity Convection Ovens

    Gravity convection ovens are used to sterilize, dry and heat treat by removing cold air from the bottom as the air warms inside the chamber. With a wide range of temperature and capacity capabilities, gravity convection ovens are an affordable option for applications that require less temperature uniformity.

    Forced Air Convection Ovens

    Mechanical or forced air convection ovens are designed for applications that require a level of temperature uniformity. Using a built-in fan module, mechanical convention ovens actively forces heated air to circulate throughout the chamber.

    Laboratory Vacuum Ovens

    Vacuum ovens are ideal for any heating or drying application of sensitive components and materials. The drying processes occurs in an air-tight, low pressure environment where oxidation is limited and the gassing process is speed up.
    We currently offer a selection of analog and digital vacuum ovens from Shel Lab and Yamato with a range in capacity from 0.6 cubic feet to 7.5 cubic feet.

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