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Storage and Material Handling

Global Lab Supply carries lab/industrial equipment including storage cabinets, laminar flow storage cabinets, wire shelves, transport carts, Desiccator storage cabinets, drying cabinets, and step ladders. We have a full range of laboratory and industrial equipment needed for a variety of applications including life sciences research, QA/QC testing, stainless steel storage, biopharmaceutical, electronics, aerospace, medical device, and industrial industries.
  • Cleanroom Storage Cabinets

    These vertical storage cabinets are all-stainless steel type 430 enclosed cabinets. Available with slanted top for laminar flow. We have options for general storage & garments.
  • Industrial Storage Cabinet

    Edsal Industrial Cabinets are ideally suited for storage purposes where space is limited and wall space is at a premium. They come with a tough power coat finish and are perfect for storing important equipment.
  • Laminar Flow Storage Cabinets

    Cleatech Laminar Flow Storage Cabinets with a low noise integral HEPA filter/blower module feature double full-height access doors provide a clean environment for storage of material. Our Laminar flow cabinets provide a particle free storage space which exceed class 100 cleanrooms standard.
  • Desiccator Storage Cabinets

    A desiccator cabinet, often called a nitrogen dry box or a nitrogen desiccator cabinet, is a cabinet designed to maintain a low-humidity atmosphere to store dry laboratory samples and other items to prevent them from damage caused by chemical reactions with moisture or fungal growth.
  • Wire Shelves

    Eagle Wire Shelving has a special patented QuadTruss® design, which makes Eagle shelves up to 25% stronger and provides a retaining ledge for increased storage stability and product retention.
  • Drying Cabinets

    The Staber Drying Cabinet is manufactured with the highest quality materials, and is designed for ease of use and long-lasting durability. The overall design offers wide flexibility to both warm and dry a wide variety of items in the medical environment.
  • Transport Carts

    Utility Carts, Medium and Heavy-Duty carts come with two or three wire shelves featuring patented design, with Chrome, or stainless steel finish. Two handles, posts and casters with donut bumpers. Medium Duty carts have 500-lb. cart capacity. Heavy Duty have 800-lb. cart capacity.
  • Step Ladders

    Global Lab Supply carries stainless steel ladders built to OSHA and ANSI standards.  All stainless steel ladders are manufactured with industrial grade welds. Our Ballymore ladders have a 450lbs capacity and are perfect for use in a warehouse, stockroom, and maintenance area.  Built to take heavy everyday use.