Cleatech Glovebox, Two port, White Polypropylene with Tempered Glass Window
    • Cleatech isolation glovebox , Two port, White Polypropylene with Tempered Glass Window

    Cleatech isolation glovebox , Two port, White Polypropylene with Tempered Glass Window


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    Cleatech isolation glovebox , Two port, White Polypropylene with Tempered Glass Window

    Cleatech 2100 Series glove box system, ideal for work required a sealed chamber or controlled atmosphere low humidity & Oxygen level environment.

    Glovebox Standard Features

    • Gloveboxes available in four materials: 1/4″ Acrylic, 1/4″ Static-dissipative PVC, 1/4″ Nondissipative PVC and 1/4″ White polypropylene (great Chemical resistant).
    • Clear acrylic glove box is ideal for general purpose processing. (Acrylic is damaged byAlcohol and some cleaning agents.) Clear Non-dissipative PVC glove box is a good choice for operations with many corrosive chemicals and alcohol. Transparent Static-Dissipative PVC eliminates static charges keeping the dry box clean and it does not attract particles from the air. Polypropylene is the best chemical resistant.
    • Airlock Pass-through Transfer Chamber measures (ordered separately) minimize nitrogen loss and contamination inflow while parts are placed or removed. It includes optional Gas-in port and an Automatic pressure relief valve.
    • Two Internal access doors open inward to allow easy parts transfer from inside the Glovbox. All Doors using stainless steel frames that increase the structural rigidity of the door. They feature one-piece Rubber Bulb, Vinyl gasket.
    • Removable fully gasketed back wall for operations involving large equipment.
    • Polypropylene Model has a tempered glass front window and Clear PVC side access dorres. It also features a built-in flourescent light.

    Standard Options for Isolation Glove Boxes S-2100

    • Automatic Nitro Purge Control Unit Type A* monitors humidity level inside glove box and provides automatic low-humidity measuring and displaying humidities inside the glovebox in the range: 5-100%RH,Accurately Controls Pre-Set Relative Humidity (+/- 2% RH). it stops gas-flow when the humidity is below the set point.
    • Automatic Nitro Purge Control Unit Type B** Same look as the Type A, It is a continuous dual purge unit. While inside humidity level is below set point the system provides low purge (2-20 Cubic feet per hour). Maintain positive pressure inside the glovebox chambers to have free contaminants and moisture environment.When the moisture climbs above an adjustable set point the system automatically activates high-flow purge (0.5 – 60 PSI).
    • Oxygen Analyzer/ Automatic Purge Control Unit with O2 Sensor, 0 to 100% Oxygen level reading range, including external model CAG-250E sensor, locking sensor interface cable, 115/230 VAC, Stainless Steel enclosure, Bench-top, Alarm Output, RS 232 Service port, Available with 4-20mA negative ground, 0-10VDC range ID and choice of 0-1VDC, 0-5VDC or 0-10VDC analog oxygen signal.
    • Oxygen Monitor (oxygen analyzer) with a single range of 0-100% (-/+1%) . The unit is mounted on the foldable bracket on the side wall of the glove box. Input power is 110-240 VAC. It features a 3-1/2 digit LCD. The oxygen sensor is an ambient temperature electrochemical designed with a threaded end is installed on the glovebox.
    • Gas-in port & Pressure relief valve are required if using Nitrogen or any inert gas to reduce humidity. Need to be ordered two sets if glove box has a Airlock (transfer chamber). Pressure relief Valve provides safe pressure relief and helps to purge the moisture out the chamber.
    • Hospital grade power strip with four outlets provides 110 VAC if a power outlet is needed inside the glove box.
    • Stainless Steel Work Surface or Spill tray preventing scratching, recommended for static Dissipative PVC gloveboxes to protect Anti-static coating. It’s also required for transparent gloveboxes which ordered with stand.
    • Two types of gloves are available. Chemical Resistance Anti-static BUTADYL Gloves, 15-mil thick , 32″ length with 8″-dia. cuff opening and 9 hand size.
      Anti-Static Chemical Resistance set of gloves and Accordion Sleeve 24″-28″ Flexible Length Gloves 9 hand size, Blue/White.
      Natural Rubber 24″ Length Gloves 9 hand size, Black is an economical glove. BUTADYL Gloves are alternative to HYPALON, NEOPRENE or BUTYL in many application. it offers strong resistance to particularly harmful agents, such as: AROMATIC HYDROCARBONS, PETROLEUM SOLVENTS, and LIPIDS.
    • 30″ Height Stand, Cleanroom Compatible Epoxy Powder Coated Steel for Glovebox including caster (two locking). (also Available with 35″ Height)
    Weight120 lbs
    Dimensions30 × 30 × 44 in

    Isolation Positive Pressure

    No. of Glove Ports


    Chamber Volume

    Medium ~ 10 cu.ft.

    Main Chamber Dimension



    White Polypropylene

    Package Dimensions & Weight

    30"x30"x44" / 120 lbs without Airlock and 30"x30"x56" / 130 lbs With Airlock



    • Main Chamber Overall Dimension: 35″W x 24″D x 25″H
    • 1/4″ wall thickness
    • Material Choice: Static-Dissipative PVC
    • Transparent
    • Number of Glove Port: Two
    • Port Size: 8″ Diameter
    • Two Side Access Door w/stainless steel door frame
    • Side door opening 10″x10″
    • Fully Removable gasketed back wall for operations involving large equipment

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