Vaccum Desiccator Cabinets & Vacuum Chambers


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    Vacuum Desiccator Chambers

    Cleatech’ economical Vacuum Desiccator Cabinets designed for vacuum testing, degassing small parts, defoaming, mixed liquids , biological tests and storing samples under sustained low and intermediate vacuums. Theses vacuum desiccators are available in standard and custom sizes.

    Standard Features

    • Made of clear 1 inch. thick clear acrylic
    • Type I, Removable cover makes it easy to insert and take out samples
    • Type II, Front hinged access door for easy access
    • Vacuum gasket on door ensures airtight seal
    • Supports vacuum level of 29.8″ Hg and more (> 756 milimeter of Mercury)
    • Include one perforated Acrylic shelf
    • Optional 0 to 30 in.Hg vacuum gauge indicates vacuum level
    • Two vacuum valves mounted to top allow purging of the Desiccator with nitrogen before vacuum is applied
    • Stainless steel latches completely corrosion resistance

    Continuous Air Vacuum pump for Vacuum Desiccators

    > Pumps are CE, TUV, and UL listed. Meet all the safety standards for different countries of the world. They are ideal for using with Cleatech’s Vacuum Desiccator Cabinets.

    > They are warranted by manufacturer for a year from the date of purchase. This covers all and every defect in materials and workmanship.

    > 2-Stage Deep Vacuum Pump 2.75 CFM Heavy Duty, single phase (110 VAC) 1/3 HP motor.
    > 2 stage pumps get to a deeper vacuum and get to the deep vacuum faster than single stage pump.

    Vacuum Pumps

    Vacuum Pumps
    Cleatech’ economical Vacuum Pumps CE, TUV, and UL listed. Meet all the safety standards for differen

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