Yamato Fine Oven Programmable 216L 220V 17.5A 50/60Hz
  • Yamato Fine Oven Programmable 216L 220V 17.5A 50/60Hz

Yamato Fine Oven Programmable 216L 220V 17.5A 50/60Hz


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Yamato Fine Oven Programmable 216L 220V 17.5A 50/60Hz

Highly reliable and accurate oven with simple settings for various temperature characteristics tests requiring complicated programming.

Standard Features

Features main and sub displays and a jog dial with a center switch. User can operate the unit simply and quickly with only one dial

Temperature display uses a 7-segment LED and fluorescent display tubes for setting and operation information to assure high visibility

Fluorescent display provides the operation status of the heater and the fan
Dedicated keys for program input (up to 16 segments) and edit to enable quick access

Exhaust damper allows quick exhaust and cooling of inside chamber

Equipped with exhaust and cable ports

Additional information

Weight499 lbs
Dimensions38 × 55 × 49 in




System : Forced air circulation and ventilation

Operating temp. range : Room temp.+10oC~260oC

Temp. adjustment accuracy : ?0.1deg.C (at 260oC)

Temp. distribution accuracy : ?1.5deg.C (at 260oC)

Max. temp. reaching time : ~60min

Temp. control system : PID control by microprocessor
Temp. setting method : Digital setting and display with a jog dial
Timer display range : Fixed value operation for 1 min. to 99 hrs. 59 mins. or 100 to 999 hrs.

Operation functions : Auto start, auto stop, fixed temp, program operation
Additional functions : Actual 24 hr timer, Accumulated operation time (up to 49,999 hrs), Calibration offset, Clock display (preset time display)
Sensor : Double K-thermocouple

Heater : Stainless pipe heater with fan

Heater capacity : 3.0kW

Blower fan (motor) : Axial flow fan (capacitor motor: 20W)
Cable port : I.D. 30 mm (rear)

Heat insulator : Glass wool

Other additional mechanism : Exhaust damper (manual)

Safety device : Self diagnostic functions (temp. sensor error, heater disconnection, SSR short-circuit, automatic overheat prevention function), key lock, door switch, electric leakage breaker, control box switch, independent overloading prevention

External dimensions : L55″ x W40″ x H55″

Internal capacity : 216L

Shelf Max. Load : ~30kg / pc

Shelf Support Qty. / Pitch : 9 steps / 60mm

Power source : AC 220V 17.5A

Weight : 550 LBS

Shelf / bracket : 3 pcs. / 6 pcs.


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