Yamato SN500 - Std Sterilizer, 47L, 100-120V
    • Yamato SN500, Standard Sterilizer without Dryer 1.7 cu. ft. (47L), 100~120V(23.5~19.5A)

    Yamato SN500, Standard Sterilizer without Dryer 1.7 cu. ft. (47L), 100~120V(23.5~19.5A)


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    SKU: SN-500C

    Yamato SN500C, Standard Sterilizer without Dryer

    High performance, easy operation and ergonomically designed sterilizers featuring easy top loading and handling of samples. Maximum sterilizing temperature goes up to 135 degrees Celsius for protein modification. Custom programs can be saved for repeated use.

    Operation and functions:

    • Maximum sterilizing temperature goes up to 135?C suitable for protein modification
    • By simple setting and operation, these sterilizers manage ordinary sterilization, sterilization of culture mediums and liquids, and melting of culture mediums
    • Custom programs can be saved for repeated use
    • Standard equipped with timer start and pre-heating features for efficient use of time and cooling fan to shorten cool down time
    • Mobile on wheels

    Safety Features

    • Lid interlock mechanism
    • Drain bottle unset alarm
    • Memory malfunction
    • Automatic shutdown when malfunction
    • Self-diagnostic functions
    Weight287 lbs
    Dimensions23 × 29 × 51 in






    • Model: SK300C
    • System: Automatic high-pressure steam sterilization
    • Operating temperature range: 45~135o C
    • Max. working pressure: 0.255MPa
    • Ambient temperature: 5~35o C
    • Lid: Manual upward opening with an interlock for safety
    • Heater: 100V, 950W x 2 units
    • Exhaust valve: One exhaust valve and one slow release valve
    • Connection ports for optional accessories: Total 3 ports. Female thread for sample temp. sensor (1/4″ ), Female thread for chamber temp. sensor (1/4″ ), Female thread pressure sensor (branching from the solenoid valve tubing)
    • Cooling fan: Axial fan motor
    • Temp. controller: PID control by microprocessor
    • Temp display / setting: Digital display / digital setting by ?/? keys
    • Timer / Timer resolution: 0 or 1 min. to 99 hrs 59 min. / 1 min
    • Operation mode: Instrument sterilization course, liquid sterilization course, sterilization and keep warm course, melting and keep warm course, customerprogrammed course
    • Other function: Key locking, presetting, saving, preheating, forced cooling, sample temperature sensor (option), pattern locking, up to 20 error log saving, display of accumulated working time / present time, ON-OFF beeping setting
    • Safety Device: Sensor failure detection, SSR short-circuit, broken heater wire, prevention of idle heating (liquid expansion type), alarm against the absence of a drain bottle, failure in locking the lid, memory error detection, pressure relief valve (0.255 MPa)
    • External dimensions: 20.5x26x38 in. (520 x 660 x 1161 mm)
    • Internal dimensions of chamber: 13.2 gals. (80L)
    • Weight: 210 lbs. (~95kg)
    • Power source 50/60Hz: AC100~120V(23.5~19.5A) with plug

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