Laboratory Fume Hoods; Benchtop Chemical Hoods


Laboratory Fume Hoods

Laboratory fume hoods are exhaust hoods specifically designed to draw air away from the working area to protect laboratory operators from inhaling hazardous air contaminants such as carbon monoxide or other toxic chemicals. There are two main types of chemical fume hoods. Ductless laboratory vent hoods filter air through activated charcoal and HEPA filters and release cleaned exhaust in the laboratory room. These hoods usually have greater portability and higher CFM capacity than the ducted lab hoods. Ducted lab ventilation hoods draw fumes inside the building’s exhaust system where they are treated and then released outside. We offer a selection of laboratory fume hoods available in both configurations featuring different width options and construction characteristics. Most of the models can be customized for your specific requirements with additional features such as duct ports, fans, lighting, power outlets and topless stands.

Containment Ventilated Enclosures (CVE)

Cleatech® Polypropylene compounding ventilated enclosure (powder containment hood) is USP 800 compliant, can be used fo

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Ducted Fume hood with Base Cabinet

The Biotech Elite Polypropylene Fume Hood is a ducted hood made of porcelain white polypropylene. The hood is resistant

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Ducted Fume Hoods - Vertical Sash

Cleatech® high efficiency coated steel benchtop fume hood with clean driven vertical sash system. Ideal for general che

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Ductless Downflow Workstations

Cleatech® Downflow Workstation is a benchtop ductless unit with a built-in blower. To protect lab operator, hazardous f

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Ductless Fume Hood

Protect users and the environment from hazardous fumes,& vapors generated on the work surface with our ductless HEPA

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Fume Hoods Stainless Steel

Complete stainless steel Grade 304 construction, provide maximum chemical and corrosion resistance with Optional blower

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Laboratory Fume Hood; Clear Plastics

Benchtop, Light weight and completely clear, polycarbonate & PVC fume hoods, ESD control, safety ventilates vapors,

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Laboratory Fume Hoods; Polypropylene

Chemical Laboratory Fume Hoods with Optional Worksurface, All polypropylene, ergonomic design with long lasting, corrosi

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