Laboratory Glove Boxes: Portable; Isolation and Containment Glove Boxes


Laboratory Glove Boxes

A laboratory glove box, often called a lab glove box, is a securely sealed container box that has openings on the same or opposite sides with attached gloves that allows the operator to work inside the isolated environment. All or part of the laboratory glove box walls are made with clear acrylic plastic or tempered glass to allow visibility of the processes and manipulations in the chamber. Conventionally, there are two main types of lab glove boxes. Containment glove boxes are used to protect laboratory personnel and the surrounding environment from contamination with hazardous materials or malignant bacteria. Isolation glove boxes or nitrogen glove boxes are used to maintain inert gas environment during an experiment or performing other tasks. A single laboratory box may comprise features of both types, therefore it is important to check the specifications of your specific lab glove box before buying it to ensure it fits the requirements of the processes for which it will be used.

Anaerobic Chambers

BACTRON chambers allow efficient and dexterous, glove-free handling and inspection of samples. Advanced, ergonomic arm p

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Closed Loop Glove Box

These Closed Exhaust Loop Filtration Gloveboxes filter inside atmosphere by continuous re-circulation. The valve lets yo

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Compact Glove Box

Glove ports are located on the sides to allow a compact size. Compact glove box is an enclosed chamber with large front

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Compounding Glove Box

2600 Series Positive Pressure Compounding Aseptic Isolators (CAI) Glove boxes are designed to provide a sterile positive

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ESD Safe Glove Box

Due to the unique static dissipation technology on the construction material which prevents electro static charge genera

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Isolation Standard Glove Box

Gloveboxes available in four main materials: 1/4" Acrylic, 1/4" Static-dissipative PVC, 1/4" Nondissipative PVC and 1/4"

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Open Exhaust Glove Box

These Open Exhaust Loop Gloveboxes draw the ambient room atmosphere through a 99.97% (@ 0.3µm particles) HEPA filter an

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Portable Glove Box

Portable Glove boxes available in Four materials: 1/4" Acrylic, 1/4" Static-dissipative PVC, 1/4" Non dissipative PVC an

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Stainless Steel Glove Boxes

Now available at Cleatech, 2800 Series Stainless Steel Isolation Glovebox. Designed to provide a hermetically sealed env

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Vacuum Glove Box

Vacuum glove boxes can handle 29.8 in. Hg negative pressure and are designed for anaerobic processing in a dry inert gas

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