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    Softwall cleanrooms

    Softwall cleanrooms are designed to create a controlled environment with low levels of particulate contamination. They offer a cost-effective and flexible solution for achieving a cleanroom environment without the need for permanent construction.

    Benefit of Our Softwall Cleanrooms

    1. Cost-Effective: Softwall cleanrooms are more affordable to set up and maintain compared to hardwall cleanrooms
    2. Flexibility: Softwall cleanrooms are highly adaptable and can be easily reconfigured or expanded to accommodate changing needs
    3. Quick Installation: Constructing a softwall cleanroom is typically faster than building a hardwall cleanroom. The modular nature of softwall cleanrooms allows for rapid assembly and disassembly.
    4. Portability: Softwall cleanrooms are lightweight and portable. This means that they can be relocated within a facility or even moved to a different location altogether if necessary.
    5. Customization: Softwall cleanrooms can be customized to suit specific cleanliness and environmental requirements.
    6. Compliance: Softwall cleanrooms can be designed to meet specific industry standards and regulations for cleanliness and contamination control, such as ISO standards.
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